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Yamaha YZF R15 Lowering Kit




Lowering Kit for Yamaha R15 contains two suspension linkage arms, made from SS400 steel. Thick is 6mm
This kit comes with different sizes :

– 2cm
– 2.5cm
– 3cm
– 3.5cm
– 4cm
– 4.5cm
– 5cm

+ 2.5cm
+ 5cm

Please contact us first for availability !

Additional information

Weight 500 g


  1. gauravchaure0814

    How to fix it, I mean set it in bike??

    • admin

      You will only need to change the stock with this one and that’s it

  2. Sone

    Hi, does the yzf r15 v1 and v2 the same linkage size?

    • admin

      Yes sir.

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