KLX140 KLX150 Complete Ultimate Big Bore Kit Hi Performance

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Brand new big bore kit for Kawasaki KLX 140 2008-2021 and KLX 150 2008-2021 All Series (S – L – BF Series)

Contains everything needed to make great performance of your bike! Add 9hp from stock
– Cylinder Head with big valve (31/25) include racing valve springs
– Camshaft with roller rocker arm design. Increased low-end response faster
– Stroker Crankshaft longer +6mmm from stock. Use stock gasket
– Ceramic Forged cylinder barrel with 63mm Forged Piston. Forged ceramic cylinder barrel is very durable for extreme condition
– Racing 28mm Carburetor with different jets and new intake carb and custom boot to the airbox
– Stage 3 CDI with 12.500 rpm limiter
– All gaskets needed for this kit include clutch cover and flywheel gaskets

You can choose the head come assembled with misc parts on it, free with this purchase, ready to install on your bike

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to customize your order, we also have cylinder head with 34/29mm valves and 66mm piston size (need to bore out the crankcase)
Cast cylinder barrel are also available with cheaper price than ceramic forged